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Who Is the One Responsible for All the Paperwork in a Construction Firm?

Who Is the One Responsible for All the Paperwork in a Construction Firm?  

What Is the Job of an Anlyst working in a Construction Company


An analyst working in a construction company

has 3 main responsibilities, these are: to review any construction plans, create cost analysis, and offer analysis reports to the management. The analyst will come with a university or college degree in management, accounting, or civil engineering. They can find work within the construction or renovation industry, financial companies or government agencies.

People that like working with numbers, are detail orientated, and have a complete understanding of the importance of accuracy will find great satisfaction within this role. A construction analyst has 2 vital functions, these are analysing construction plans to find out the areas where cost overruns are and ensuring a job remains on track at the appropriate budget. Failure to meet these two will result in huge financial losses for a company.

The main role of a construction analyst is to review any and all plans. Only someone that has the experience and knowledge within this field will be able to review the project plan and the drawings which will identify any cost issues. This combination of skills is extremely valuable, and these positions are normally very well paid.

Cost analysis is normally thought to be a business or accounting job and is part of the job description of that a construction company

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