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How to Spot a Reputable Contractor

How to Spot a Reputable Contractor  

How Does a General Contractor Work?

Even when you think you have found the best

general contractor

locally, never hire them until you are absolutely sure they are the right one for your job.

You should get at least 3 bids from different contractors before hiring one for your home improvement project. By doing this, you are making a better-educated decision by comparing each one’s prices, methods, and materials.

What you need to do

Make sure you have a solid basis for comparison when requesting bids. Give each contractor the same project details. This should also include materials you want them to use and the floor plans. Although the


is a major deciding factor, you should never base your decision on this alone. Take into account such as scheduling and what the communication is like.

Remember they will farm out most of the work

General contractors generally do not do any of the physical work themselves. They may have started out as plumbers, carpenters etc., but now they have their own business, most have hung up their tool belts.

Their role instead, is to bring in clients, oversee budgets and have sub-contractors on speed dial. When they are attempting to win your business, a

general contractor

is often quite vague on exactly how involved they will be, and who will be running the job on a daily basis.

A sizable deposit is not necessary

and considered unethical.

When you finally sign a contract, you will be expected to pay some form of deposit. However, it is not for covering the contractor’s materials or set-up costs. When their business is financially sound, a contractor’s advance should be around 10% of the total job cost. Should they ask for any more then you need to class this as a red flag.

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