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More About the Custom Build Solutions We Offer

We, at California Construction Company, have many years of building experience in the local industry and offer a variety of construction services to people based in San Jose, CA and in all of the surrounding towns. We do plenty of things, and on this page, you have the chance to get a little bit more information about our custom build solutions or more specific, we will talk about the custom homes we design and build. If by the end of the page you have any questions, please reach us for a consultation.

It is very common for our clients to ask us about pricing, and it makes sense. You would not want to sign up a contract to build your dream home without first having an accurate understanding of project costs and budget. So during our first meeting, we will explain everything in detail and ask you specific questions about your preferences. With your information, we will be able to tailor a solution and give you a quote.

Once you agree to the price, we will start working. We have a team of architects, project managers, builders, and partner with plenty of other contractors and specializes in custom build services. All together we turn your visions into reality. We design, lay down the foundations, put in the frames, install the features, and connect the systems so, in the end, you will have a home that is functional and will be a place you will love living in.

Equipped with the finest in building materials, products, machines, and tools, we deliver one-of-a-kind results that always go beyond our clients’ highest expectations. Built to last, the constructions we design are renowned for their sophisticated designs, innovative features, and great look. Want to find out more about the products we use in the building process? Feel free to contact California Construction Company and ask for our custom build services in San Jose, CA.

You can reach us at (408) 707-1557 to speak with one of our representatives and set an appointment for a consultation. We will be happy to come to you with our portfolio and show you some of the most notable examples of our hard work.