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We’re the Construction Company That Specializes in Home Additions!

Room additions are a part of your dream house journey. You have to be prepared by the time you’ll need a new room, kitchen, bathroom, or a patio because you will have a lot of things to consider. If you’re too busy at work or with your business, you can hire a professional to help you. California Construction Company is the dependable construction company in San Jose, CA that is an expert in home and room additions.

Room additions should be done by the pro

Since you’re going to add new rooms, surfaces or, structures in your home, it’s best if you hire a professional to install it for you. Getting someone who’s inexperienced to do the job for you to cut corners and save money is doable, but it won’t get you anywhere with your home additions. They might build it improperly, causing you to spend more money for a redo. Think about the labor fee and the material costs if you’re trying to do your project all over again. To avoid any issues and problems with your home additions, you should rely on a professional for a quality service and raw materials.

We’re the construction company that you’re looking for

California Construction Company is the reputable construction company in San Jose, CA that specializes in home additions. Whether you’re looking to see a new kitchen, room, bathroom, or porch at home, our experts will be able to meet your needs through executing quality service. If you find it hard on the planning part, we’ll help you with that. First, we’ll consider your preference, then we’ll tell you our own ideas right after. We only use branded and top-grade materials during construction to ensure that your home additions are long-lasting and durable. Of course, we promote this because we don’t want you to expend more on redos in the future!

California Construction Company is the professional construction company in San Jose, CA that can build any of your desired home additions. Spare us your time today by calling (408) 707-1557 for appointments and discussions.